Respira Collective

At 16, I found myself wanting the flashy custom drums that my favorite drummers had, but not being able to afford them. I've always been fascinated with how things are made, so I decided to take apart my own drum kit and put it back together. This allowed me to see every single part that was needed for the kit and how each part played a role in making the drum unique in its sound and look.

At 19, I started a custom drum company called Respira Collective - Respira means "to breathe" in Spanish, and I felt that drums had breathed life into me during a hard time where I otherwise could have followed a bad path. I've always been amazed at the kindness of others, so I wanted to bring the term collective into the mix. 

Since then, I've made hundreds of drums from people all over the world - trying to make each drum meaningful and sound amazing. While I've slowed down my custom drum making due to time, below are a few pictures of drums I've made. If you're interested in a custom drum, contact me.